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Consumer Experience about Eazol Products

Consumer Experience of Eazol Cough Syrup


Yes its true, Eazol cough syrup is very effective. I took twice a day only and showing some relief form cough.


One of the best cough syrup I have ever taken, hats off to Eazol cough syrup.

Priya Shinde

Works really well, I had a sever cough and irritation in my throat, with just few does, I got relief & feeling much better.

Consumer Experience of Eazol Onintment

Dattatraya Borude

My name is Dattatraya Borude, I am a self employee, I generally face problems of back pain, muscle pain & I found the Eazol best at every time. I strongly recommend this product for pain relief.

Rohan Parab

It is completely value for money product as you get cheaper as compare to other products available in the market.

Shilpa Jaiswal

I get relief pain instantly, It’s awesome product. When I was preparing for my exam, my neck was paining badly, my mom, applied eazol ointment for me. I got relief instantly I was surprised, Mom told me Eazol is the new brand available in the market.