Eazol Cough Syrup

Eazol Cough Syrup

Coughing is an automatic reaction that begins when your body senses that something has entered your airways that shouldn't be there. The brain then relays messages to your lungs and respiratory muscles, which force you first to take a deep breath and then to exhale forcefully.

"Coughing can be caused by many different conditions and illnesses Bronchitis caused by cigarette smoking is the leading cause of chronic cough. Among non-smokers, coughs are usually the result of an upper respiratory infection (such as acute bronchitis, the common cold, or the flu); These conditions are by far the most common causes of chronic cough. Among children, sinus infections (sinusitis) are also a common cause. More serious conditions that may cause cough, such as tuberculosis, are not nearly as common.

  • Unique combination of 12 Herbs in proper combination to give effective results.
  • Tulsi, Adulsa, Haldi are in existence and proven best since ages to give quick relief.

Proven ancient Ayurvedic formula to relieve cough & soothing sore throat

  • Vasaka- Relieve cold cough & respiratory infections
  • Yashtimadhu- Relieve Throat blocking & cough
  • Tulsi- Relieve respiratory disorder cold & cough
  • Banafsha- taken internally in the treatment of bronchitis, runny nose, coughs, asthma. Externally, it is used to treat mouth and throat infections.
  • Kantakari mool- Relieve cough cold asthma & respiratory disorders
  • Sunthi- Relieve indigestion, cough, asthma nausea
  • Haridra- Haridra is useful as an expectorant (cough relieving medicine). Inhalation of turmeric smoke reduces kapha.
  • Elaichi- be helpful for those suffering from whooping cough, sore throat, asthma or bronchitis
  • Pippali- Relieve cough asthma
  • Lavang Stimulant and effective in relieving cough, asthma and headaches.
  • Pudina ka tail- cough relieving & soothing effect
  • Dalchini- In Ayurveda, Cinnamon or Twak is considered kapha-Vata dosh har. Its oral intake reduces Kapha and vata; stimulates digestion; exhibits expectorant (cough relieving) action.


Yes its true, Eazol cough syrup is very effective. I took twice a day only and showing some relief form cough.


One of the best cough syrup I have ever taken, hats off to Eazol cough syrup.

Priya Shinde

Works really well, I had a sever cough and irritation in my throat, with just few does, I got relief & feeling much better.