Online Sale of Ayurvedic Products

Online Sale of Ayurvedic Products

Traditional way of purchasing and selling various things is changing very drastically in last decade or so. After the availability of high speed internet and free data from various Mobile companies, more and more people are opting for online sale. More and more people are getting aware about online shopping. People are opting for online platforms for their daily needs. Online platforms are selling very low price ticket products like bath soaps to very expensive products like jewellery

 Online sale has many advantages over the traditional way of purchasing:

·        Customer need not to go anywhere to purchase and easily purchase from its mobile or laptop. Especially good for working / old age/ disabled persons who has not much time to go personally for purchase. Any product is which is not available in vicinity can easily be ordered by few clicks.

·        Normally the products available are cheaper on e-commerce stores as there is no distribution channel cost involved.

·        Complete range of products is available on these online stores which are normally not available at one place, it acts as one stop solution for customer.

·        Complete information about the product including its ingredients, dosage, benefits etc are also provided to the customer which in traditional buying in not available everytime.

·        Gives flexible option of payment to the customer. Customers have many options to choose from to select the payment option.

·        Most of the e-commerce company provide free delivery and have no minimum order clause. They also deliver at a convenient time.

However there are few drawbacks of the online sales are there too:

·        Few people send duplicate products instead of the original products.

·        Sometimes the packet is delayed because of courier partners

Online platforms are a very good place for the new brands which are into the manufacturing of good quality products. Brands like  Eazol have made big inroads in the market with their online presence. Complete range of all Eazol products are available here like Antacid Syrup, Health Tonic, Cough Syrup, Balm, Ointment etc at discounted price. Brand awareness is one big advantage which new brands enjoy on established e-commerce platforms.

With lot of funding coming in the e-commerce business, the competition and growth is bound to increase in next few months which eventually will be beneficial for the end customers.

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