Cough during Summer Season

Cough during Summer Season

Summer is a season to enjoy but not everyone enjoys summer equally – while the heat and longer days may bliss for some, the humidity & infection can wreak havoc with others health. Have you every wondered how it’s possible to develop an annoying cough during winter. It largely depends on the humidity levels of your area, summer allergies and infections from virus. 

A cough is a protective mechanism to clear your airway. Colds and cough in summer is usually summer allergies, but can also be due to a different virus strain that is active in summer. Most people don’t catch cold in summer, but some do. In fact we may catch cold any time around the year. By the symptom it is difficult to figure, whether the problem is due to cold (virus) or summer allergies.  Dry, tickly coughs are generally caused by some kind of irritation at the back of the throat, and there are plenty of factors that could be contributing to this irritation. Some people start coughing when they breathe very dry, heated air. This can be caused by environmental irritation or allergies. This type of cough may be more noticeable when you first turn on your furnace in the fall, because dust and other irritants that have collected over the summer are blown into the air.

While coughs are generally associated with colds and flu in winter, dry coughs in particular can often make an appearance in summer too. Cough can also linger for a long time, particularly if the source of irritation doesn’t go away. One of the most likely causes of your summer dry cough is allergy. This common allergy is caused by pollen in the air, whether from trees, grass or weeds, and is most common in the spring and summer.

ABCD to Curb your cough in summer:

If someone is prone to asthma and allergies during summer, there are ways to control coughing and other allergy symptoms caused by humidity, viral infections and rising temperatures:

  1. Practice yoga and follow a healthy lifestyle to keep your immune system in tip-top shape and prevent secondary infections.
  2. Keep your house free of pet dander, mould, dust mites or other possible allergens that may flourish in warmer temperatures.
  3. Build your immunity by taking herbal medicines during the seaon. Eazol Health Tonic is one such medicine which helps in building immunity.
  4. Visit your doctor immediately if your symptoms become worse or if you experience shortness of breath, dizziness or lightheadedness when coughing. 

Some of the home remedies used to fight cough during summer are Raw Onion Juice, Almond paste, Ginger and Herbal Medicines like Eazol cough syrup. Cough is a problem of all seasons, but unfortunately not all remedies are for all seasons.  It is made from herbs like Daruharidra (Berberis aristata), Kampilak (Mallotus philippinensis), Pashanbhed (Berginia ligulata), Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia), Jivanti (Leptadenia reticulate), Sarjaras (Shorea robusta) and Kokum butter (Garcinia indica).  Combination of these herbs mixed in proper quantity helps us fight cough in all seasons and gives immediate relief.

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