About Us

“Nirogi Kaya – Healthy Body” is considered as the “Pahla Sukh – First Thing for happiness” in Indian Mythology. In Today’s cut throat competitive world where everyone is involved in the rat race of struggle and exhaustion, we at Sydler Remedies have strived for years to help people achieve a Nirogi Kaya.


Taking this baton ahead, EAZOL continues to ease the life of people by bringing natural remedies to their doorsteps in the form of ready to use ayurvedic products developed with the latest technology.  The brand, Eazol, has been formed to cure the lifestyle disease of people across the globe from purest extracts of traditional Indian herbs.


Eazol took birth as an ideology in the heart of its founder Mr. Pankaj Jain almost a decade ago. Years of continuous research and hard work led to the foundation of EAZOL as a major Healthcare brand and since then, it has continued to grow and flourish across domestic and international markets with the speed of light. Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Now all Eazol products are available online on one click.

Research and Development

Sydler views Research and Development as a vital component of Business Strategy that will provide us with competitive advantage. We recognize that 'innovation is the key to success' and have been consistently investing in R&D over the last decade.

Every formulation is developed after thorough research on every ingredient. Our products are developed by extracting the drug in its crude form from premium quality herbs and formulated into the world class products with best quality and efficacy.

These OTC products have been consumed by millions of people across the world and have proven to be effective.